The Washington Times - October 3, 2012, 09:04AM

Eventually —- and that eventually could be coming quite soon —- Maryland’s opponents will probably concentrate more of their energies on stopping freshman wideout Stefon Diggs.

A two-touchdown day Sept. 22 against West Virginia would surely generate some attention.


That said, Diggs doesn’t believe the Terrapins’ foes are putting more of their resources into stopping him.

“I wouldn’t really say that,” Diggs said. “If they have, I really haven’t noticed. If they do game-plan against me, hopefully it just opens up for other guys around. We have a lot of receiving threats —- [Kevin] Dorsey on the outside, and Marcus Leak.”

That might be true, especially since Maryland has, at least in the final data, successfully spread the ball around in each of its first four games.



21: Marcus Leak

19: Kevin Dorsey

16: Stefon Diggs
16: Matt Furstenburg

9: Kerry Boykins
9: Justus Pickett

No receiver was targeted more than seven times in a game in September, and Diggs’ season-high in targets is five (against both Temple and West Virginia).

“He’s just a true freshman so we want to bring him along at a pace that is good for him and good for our team to make sure we don’t overload him to the point where he can’t be as productive as his abilities would allow,” coach Randy Edsall said. “There’s things we’ve looked at to get him a little more involved.”

That’s to be expected after his performance against West Virginia —- both for Maryland fans and opposing defensive coordinators who should be well aware of Diggs’ presence at this point.

“Hopefully, it opens up more for other guys if they do pay closer attention to me,” Diggs said. “But I’ll continue to work hard. Hopefully, I’m not getting too much attention.”

—- Patrick Stevens