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A selection of my 140-character musings on Twitter (@dandalyonsports) the past seven days – for those of you who don’t follow me (yet).



Channel Surfing

What Joe Gibbs was in December, Frank Beamer is in November. What a closer. #Hokies

Meanwhile, in College Park, the 2010 Military Bowl is looking like the BCS championship game. #Terps

What’s going on at Maryland – in football and in athletics in general – is mostly about overreaching. #Terps

Sometimes you need to go 2-10 just to understand how wrong you were about so many things. But hopefully not too often. #Terps

And let’s not forget, the #Terps didn’t just go 2-10, they went 2-10 in the ACC. Not exactly Murderer’s Row.

There’s no limit to how much adults can mess up kids’ games. Exhibit A: Maryland football. #Terps

Only in this day and age could a league stage a lengthy lockout, start the season on Christmas, put a bow on it and call it a present. #NBA

Anxious to see tonight if the #Caps remember there’s a defensive end of the ice. You’d think it was populated with sharks and piranha

Nothing I’ve seen this season has convinced me that the #Caps’ best goaltender might not be playing in Hershey. #Holtby

Giving Semin a diving penalty on a play where there’s actually a tripping call is like punishing a child for tattling on his brother. #Caps

Taking a break from the #Caps’ latest quality effort to check out Stanford’s Thanksgiving-themed cranberry-colored uniforms. #Cardinal

Is it just me, or do the #Caps lead the league, year after year, in “going back to basics”?

The #Sabres are turning the #Caps’ goaltending into a TV dinner, if you know what I mean.

It could be worse, #Caps fans. They could be losing 4-1 to a #Sabres team stocked with B.C. Icemen instead of Rochester Americans.

Back to ND-Stanford. Tell me Brian Kelly doesn’t look like Fatty Arbuckle in a headset. #Irish #Cardinal

The 7 guys who have caught passes for #Stanford tonight are named Ty, Coby, Levine, Tyler, Griff, Zach and Ryan. Saving Biff for later.


Redskins-Seahawks Game

I love it when TV guys refer to the #Seahawks as “the defending NFC West champions.” Like being the World’s Tallest Midget. #Redskins

Wouldn’t be surprised if source of pregame contention was #Seahawks razzing #Redskins about not having indoor practice facility.

Rex Grossman giveth, and Rex Grossman taketh away. (Rinse and repeat.) #Redskins

There should be a constitutional amendment that a TV analyst can’t be a former coach of one of the teams. #MoraIsLess #Redskins #Seahawks

It’s late in the first half, only two Rex Grossman passes have hit the ground, and the score is … 7-7? Only the #Redskins#Seahawks

The only thing in Washington that’s blocked more than Graham Gano’s kicks is legislation. #Redskins

Another of Grossman’s “just as good as a punt” passes. Among QBs, I’m pretty sure he’s leading the league in punting. #Redskins #NFL

Sidney Rice done for the afternoon, ending monumental battle between The Other Rice and The Other Moss. #Redskins #Seahawks

Maurice Hurt. They should call his dressing area the Hurt Locker. #Redskins

If the #Redskins hang on to win this one, they should petition to play in the NFC West. Would accelerate their rebuilding project.

Jim Mora talking about Rex Grossman’s “little hands.” Bet Mora’s a big fan of Little Feet. #Redskins #Seahawks

Mora also just told us “third-and-13 is a low-percentage conversion down.” Yikes. How does this guy not have a head coaching job? #Redskins

Intentional grounding is not a reviewable offense, officials tell Shanny. Wish this game wasn’t reviewable. #Redskins

Sure glad D-Hall came up with a pick today. Now maybe he won’t cut himself again. #Redskins


If you’ve ever wondered how good Archie Manning was, just remember: Peyton and Eli only have HALF his genes. #Saints #Giants #NFL

Tonight’s stumper: Since 2009, this back ranks second in the #NFL in rushing yards per game. Answer in next tweet.

Answer to previous tweet. Maurice Jones-Drew. The rankings: C. Johnson 94.6, MoJo 91.6, Peterson 86.7, Foster 86.4, Jackson 84.6. #NFL #Jags

Dale Hunter Replacing Bruce Boudreau as the Capitals’ Coach

And if Dale Hunter doesn’t work out, let’s not forget: He has a brother (Mark). #Caps #RemembertheMurrays

People talk about Dale Hunter’s humility. I have a story about that. During the ’98 playoffs, Hunter and Calle Johansson rode to … #Caps

… the arena in Ottawa with Dave Fay, the late great Washington Timesman, and me. I suggested that Hunts ride up front … #Caps

… “I’m not the one who has to play a game tonight,” I said. “Nah,” he said. “I’m OK.” And he slid into the back with Calle … #Caps

… This was no limo Fay was piloting, either. I seem to remember it being a Corolla, maybe even a Tercel. Not much legroom. #Caps

This would have been one of the happiest days of Fay’s life, the day Dale returned to coach the #Caps. He loved Hunts – another Man’s Man.


2 games for Suh. It could have been worse but, fortunately, he had the presence of mind not to put the guy in an Airplane Spin. #Lions

In the old days, Suh would have just moved on to the #Raiders and lined up next to some guy from the University of Mars. #Lions #NFL

Just realized something. Ndamukong spelled backward is Gnokumadn. #Lions #NFL

#NFL players with the most rushing yards after their 35th birthday: Marcus Allen 2,225, John Riggins 1,916 and … who’s 3rd? Answer next.

Answer to previous tweet: Doug Flutie, of all people, has the 3rd-most rushing yards in #NFL history after turning 35 – 1,289. #Bills

Another: Only 5 #NFL RBs have rushed for 100 yds in a game after turning 35. Riggins (8 times) and Allen (twice) are 2. Who are the other 3?

Answer to previous tweet: Emmitt Smth (twice), Bill Brown (the old Viking) and MacArthur Lane (one of the great names in #NFL history).

Hunter’s Coaching Debut with the Caps

Will be tweeting tonite from Verizon Center, where Dale Hunter will become the 1st man with 3,565 penalty minutes to coach an NHL team. #Caps

What was Dale Hunter like as a player? Think Ndamukong Suh on skates. #Caps #NHL

Or to put it another way, Hunter majored in minors and minored in majors. #Caps #NHL

Hunter spent so much time in the penalty box as a player, he used to have his mail delivered there. #Caps #NHL

Gordie Howe Hat Trick: A goal, an assist and a fight. Dale Hunter Hat Trick: A slash, a crosscheck and a facewash. #Caps #NHL

… Or if not a slash, then at least a Mysterious Nosebleed. #Caps #NHL

Hunter also racked up 729 penalty minutes in the playoffs, giving him 4,294 total. That’s 71.6 games – almost an entire season. #Caps #NHL

I jest about Dale, but the guy had skill. In 91-92 he scored a career-high 28 goals on just 110 shots (25.5 shot pct.). Heck, … #Caps

… 110 shots used to be Ovie’s weekly quota. #Caps

Be interesting to see how crowded it gets in Hunter’s doghouse in the weeks ahead – and whether he might have to build an addition. #Caps

Talent isn’t the issue with the #Caps. Attention span is. Hunter was always good at getting opponents’ attention… . #Caps #NHL

… Problem is, now he can’t use the butt-end of a stick. #Caps

Well, we’re 44 seconds in, and Hunter hasn’t gotten a bench penalty yet. So that’s good. #Caps #NHL

Nice video tribute to Dale on the Big Screen during that last break. Amazingly, there were no fatalities in it. #Caps #NHL


The #Lions meet the #Saints this weekend on “Sunday Night Football.” The last time they played on Sunday night, they battled the Christians.


Did you see where Mike Leach ended up? That’s what Maryland should aspire to be, the Washington State of the East. #Terps #WSUCougars

Tebow detractors should be reminded how historically awful Terry Bradshaw was early on: 6 TDs, 24 INTs, 30.4 rating as a rookie. #Broncos

Bruce Boudreau going to Anaheim

Bruce Boudreau has always been kind of a Disney character, so it’s great he’s been hired to coach the former Mighty Ducks. #Caps

Garcon, I’ll have the Boudreau a l’Orange, s’il vous plait. #Caps #Ducks #NHL

By taking new job, Bruce has to forfeit 1 of biggest perks in his #Caps contract: free photocopying for life by The Triplets at Ameritel.

Bruce Boudreau: Canned on Monday, hired on Wednesday. #Caps must have asked for 48-hour grace period, in case they had Firer’s Remorse. #NHL

Just realized why Anaheim hired Boudreau: They thought, in those locker room speeches that HBO aired, he was saying “duck.” #Caps #Ducks

Caps-Penguins Game

Boudreau landing on his feet quickly with #Ducks raises an interesting possibility: Are there some #Caps he might want to bring West? …

… And would the #Caps be amenable to moving a few players, at the deadline or before, to reshape the roster more to Hunter’s liking?

… Reshuffling the deck a bit could be good for both the #Caps and #Ducks, neither of which can be happy with how season is going …

… Besides, I’d love to see the Hershey-fication of Disneyland. It would be enough to make most of Orange County diabetic. #Caps #Ducks

What’s the avg. term for an #NHL coach, 2.3 years? Looking at the intensity on Hunter’s face, I’m not sure he’s going to last the .3. #Caps

If the #Caps keep hitting the #Penguins like this, the SPCA is going to start picketing the arena. #NHL

The #Caps had 19 hits in the first period against the #Pens, equaling the #Nats’ season high (vs. O’s, May 20 and vs. White Sox, June 24).

Beninati just asked viewers if they’d “like to play blackjack with” Ovie at #Caps’ casino night. Heck, I’d just like him to score 21 goals.

If the #Redskins do trade for Peyton Manning, it’ll be the first time they’ve ever dealt for a QB whose neck had reached “a firm fixation.”

Speaking of firm fixations, how firm do you think the #Redskins’ fixation is on Manning? #Colts #NFL

I can hardly wait for Dan Snyder to start selling burgundy and gold cervical collars. #Redskins #Colts #NFL


The week Plaxico and the #Jets are in town, the #Redskins introduce the use of metal-detecting wands at stadium gates. Real cute. #NFL

Best of luck to Ovie in his romance with tennis star Maria Kirilenko. Certainly hope it winds up better than Fedorov-Kournikova … #Caps

… Sergei and Anna secretly got married at one point. It was almost Kardashian-like. His famous quote about it was: … #Caps

… “We were married, albeit briefly, and we are now divorced.” How can you not love an athlete who uses a word like “albeit”? #Caps

There was reportedly a third party in the whole Fedorov-Kournikova Thing: Pavel Bure. Can you imagine? … #Caps

… So what I’m wishing for Ovie as much as anything is: No third parties. (Especially if it’s Sean Avery.) #Caps

The #Caps might not be scoring much, but look at it this way: Dale Hunter has at least gotten them to Occupy the Defensive End. #NHL

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