The Washington Times - November 25, 2011, 12:34PM

A selection of my 140-character musings on Twitter (@dandalyonsports) the past seven days – for those of you who don’t follow me (yet).



ESPN should revive “The Millionaire” — and have Joe Paterno go around and sell houses to people for $1. #NittanyLions #CFB #’60sTV

Speaking of Paterno — and the price being right — who do you think is older, JoePa or Bob Barker? Answer in next tweet. #NittanyLions #CFB

Answer to previous tweet: Barker admits to being 87 (turns 88 Dec. 12). Paterno is 84 (turns 85 Dec. 21). #NittanyLions #CFB

The biggest difference between Barker and JoePa, basically, is that JoePa has never fought Happy Gilmore. #NittanyLions #CFB

When the #Redskins are looking at quarterbacks in the next draft, I hope they do it on a Case by Case basis. #Keenum #Cougars

Is it just me, or is 76-year-old Lee Corso getting a little too “street” for #ESPN‘s audience? #TrappedInAMascotHead #CFB

What happened, you ask, when Corso dropped that F-bomb on #ESPN? Easy. He unintentionally started talking like the coach he used to be.

Caps-Maple Leafs Game (TV)

The #Caps are playing so miserably, I’m starting to miss Dainius Zubrus. #WeKeptTheWrongRussians

I think I saw the #Caps’ equipment guy carrying a bunch of F-bombs into the dressing room for Bruce’s pep talk. #AnybodyCanBeLeeCorso #NHL

If this keeps up, Leonsis should REALLY drop the hammer and make the #Caps pay to park Monday when they come in for the morning skate.

I haven’t seen a Washington team play this poorly in Canada since the #Redskins went to Toronto. #Caps

Maple Leafs 7, #Caps 1. I’m pretty sure the “1” for the Caps was a rouge, scored when Bruce kicked the ice bucket out of the arena.

If the #PresidentsCup is ever held at Robert Trent Jones again, the ceremonial first ball should be hit by Teddy Roosevelt — of #Nats fame.


Redskins-Cowboys Game (Live)

Don’t forget: A Mike Shanahan team still hasn’t been shut out in this country. #BanTorontoGames #Redskins #NFL

Maybe the #Caps and #Redskins should swap coaches, just to see what would happen. #NFL

The #Redskins weren’t giving Bryant a cushion on that last completion, they were giving him a king-sized bed. #Cowboys

You can’t spin out of the pocket like that, Mr. Romo, and avoid the sack. London Fletcher used to play college basketball. #Redskins #NFL

If you’re wondering why the #Redskins haven’t run a goal-line play like that all season, the answer is obvious: They didn’t have a Choice.

Giants-Eagles Game (TV)

Trying to decide which team Norv Turner is going to be offensive coordinator of next season. #Ravens might be a good fit. #Chargers

Tony Gonzalez needs 5 TD catches for 100. When he came into the #NFL, the record for a TE was 60 by #Redskins great Jerry Smith. #Falcons

Only 6 other TEs in #NFL history are even halfway to 100 TDs: Gates 72, Sharpe 62, Smith 60, Walls 54, Casper 52, Coates 50. #Falcons

That’s two big drops tonight by #Giants TE Jake Ballard. He’s catching the ball like Kaye Ballard. #NFL #Lost60sTVShows

The NFC East has become the Any Given Sunday Division. Not much week-to-week consistency from these teams. Heck, the #Redskins almost won.

#NFL QBs this season passed for 200+ yards and rushed for 70+ in the same game. Michael Vick is one. Bet you can’t name the other 2.

Answer to previous tweet: Curtis Painter (250/79 vs. TEN, Week 8) and Christian Ponder (211/71 vs. OAK today). No Cam Newton. #Colts #Vikes

#Dolphins, who started 0-7, have now won 3 straight. ’86 #Colts started 0-13, fired Rod Dowhower, then finished 3-0 under Ron Meyer. #NFL


Mike Shanahan is way too tanned for a 3-7 coach. I want to see circles under his eyes. I want to see chalky white skin. #Redskins

In fact, where can I get a Shana-Tan? #Redskins

Love Maryland’s use of the word discontinued in relation to its axed athletic programs. Ranks right up there with pre-owned. #Terps

The #NFL has fined Rex Ryan $75,000 for cussing out a fan. Or to put it another way, $75,000 per F. #Jets

Just wondering: What percentage of an #NHL ice surface do you figure is frozen spit? #Caps


How often can you say: “There’s a QB on the waiver wire [Orton] who might be better than any of the guys we’ve got?” #Redskins #TwinKyles


Kellen Clemens has joined the playoff-bound #Texans. My Thanksgiving weekend is already complete. #Redskins #WhoNeeds3QBs

FWIW: The #Bears have now had quarterbacks named McNown (Cade) and McCown (newly signed Josh). #NFL #UselessInformation

Caps-Jets Game (TV)

Nice job by Matt Hendricks in the crease a bit ago. You don’t often see somebody run the counter trey on a goalie. #Caps

Jason Chimera: Easily the #Caps’ best LW in the first quarter of the season. #ThingsYouNeverThoughtYoudSayInAMillionYears

Wonder if Chimera might be one of those guys like Knuble who scores more goals in his 30s than in his 20s. #Caps


Packers-Lions (TV)

For you #NFL historians, here’s the box score of that ’62 Turkey Day game when the #Lions sacked Bart Starr 10 times.

The #Lions held the #Packers to 122 yards that day in a 26-10 win. It was Green Bay’s only loss of the season. Maybe Lombardi’s best team.

What people forget, though, is that four days earlier, the #Packers were held to 116 yards by #Colts, but won, 17-13.

There’s little question Aaron Rodgers is playing the QB position as well as it’s ever been played. And I don’t say that lightly. #Packers

People talk about parity, but the #Patriots won a record 21 straight in the free-agent era, and the #Packers are closing in on No. 17. #NFL

“A.J. Hawk” has always sounded to me like a “Sesame Street” character. #Packers #NFL

Craig Morton, Johnny Morton, Chad Morton. Trying to come up w/ a great QB-WR-RB trio that all have the same last name. Any nominees? #NFL

Doug Williams, Roy Williams, Ricky Williams. Not bad, but a little light at receiver. (Just one of those games you can play on T-Day.) #NFL

Jim Kelly at QB, Leroy Kelly at RB … and I’m stuck at WR. See what I mean? It’s not as easy as you think. #NFL

Alex Smith, Jimmy Smith, Emmitt Smith. Still looking for a threesome that’s solid all the way through. #NFL

Here’s our winner: Brad Johnson, Keyshawn Johnson, John Henry Johnson. SB-winning QB, 800-catch WR, HOF RB. #NFL

Only 23 days after his sit-down with Roger Goodell, Ndamukong Suh got booted out of a game. Gotta be some kind of record. #NFL #Lions

Cowboys-Dolphins (TV)

Reggie Bush has returned 4 punts for TDs in his #NFL career. On his other 93 punt returns, he’s averaging 5.5 yards. #Dolphins #WhatAStar

If #NFL teams can have special-event uniforms, I think the zebras should have special-event unis, too. Sequins, maybe. #Cowboys #Dolphins

Laurent Robinson with 2 TDs on Thanksgiving. Love that name, Laurent. Sounds like a character Gerard Depardieu would play. #Cowboys #NFL

Niners-Ravens (TV)

I love to mute the TV and then imagine Rich Eisen talking in Fire Marshall Bill’s voice. #NFLNetwork #InLivingColor

The #49ers remind me of the ’96 #Panthers, who went to the NFC title game in their 2nd season. Terrific D, adequate offense. #NFL

Tom Zbikowski is the best boxer in the #NFL since Vai Sikahema, who KO’d Jose Canseco. #Ravens

It happened quickly for the #Niners under Bill Walsh — from 2-14 to 6-10 to a Super Bowl win. Could it happen even faster under Harbaugh?

So far in this brother-vs.-brother battle, all we’ve seen is a bunch of towel snapping. #49ers #Ravens #NFL

Both Harbaughs keeping it close to the vest. It’s like the game is being played inside the bedroom they shared as kids. #Ravens #49ers

Smith has been sacked 6 times — and #49ers still have chance to win. In ’86, #Cowboys suffered 11 sacks and still won.

It would have been funny if Jim Harbaugh shook his brother’s hand after losing and said, “Now I know how Venus feels.” #49ers #Ravens


On the stomp-o-meter, does Suh score higher than Christian Laettner (’92 East Regional final)? #Lions #BlueDevils

Well, yeah, Suh probably gets extra points for wearing cleats (vs. Laettner’s sneakers) — and for weighing 307 (75 pounds more). #Lions

Still, who ever thought they’d see Ndamukong Suh’s name in the same sentence with Christian Laettner’s? #Lions #BlueDevils #NFL