The Washington Times - February 10, 2012, 09:38AM


The #NFL is adding more Thursday night games so more teams can play in prime time. In other words: Everybody gets a trophy!


Goodell: “The 2nd-highest incidence of concussions is girls’ soccer.” That certainly explains the A.J. Feeley-Heather Mitts marriage. #NFL


Had much fun taking part in Hall of Fame voting yesterday in Indy. Terrific group of nominees. For most, it’s just a matter of when. #NFL

I, personally, thought Bill Parcells and Tim Brown deserved to go in this year, but everybody who got elected is a HOFer in my book. #NFL

Rest assured it’s a thorough process — 7 1/2 hours discussing 17 finalists, much time spent preparing. Tough to get 80% consensus. #NFL

You walk out of The Room feeling (a.) weary and (b.) bad for the candidates who are going to have to keep waiting — maybe forever. #NFL

There’s no perfect system for choosing HOFers. Football’s especially challenging because it isn’t as quantifiable as, say, baseball. #NFL

At the OL positions, for instance, there are no numbers. Just Pro Bowls, all-pro selections and rings. Leaves room for disagreement.#NFL

Feel especially bad for onetime #Redskins OG Dick Stanfel. Up for Hall — at 84 — as Seniors Candidate. Didn’t make it. #NFL

Stanfel’s short career (7 years) probably hurt him as much as anything. Was a tremendous player, though, in the ultracompetitive ‘50s. #NFL

I say “ultracompetitive” because there were only 12 teams. When you practiced vs. 2nd string, it was vs. guy who’d be starting today.#NFL

Glad to see Jack Butler make it, though. Was a terrific DB in the ‘50s for some not-so-terrific #Steelers clubs. 52 INTs in 9 seasons. #NFL

Every time I talked to one of Butler’s #Steelers teammates, they’d say, “Why the heck isn’t Jack in the Hall?” Fell through the cracks.#NFL

What’s it like in The Room, you ask? It ain’t “The Jerry Springer Show.” Very calm, reasoned, around-the table give-and-take. #NFL

The presenters for the candidates are so persuasive, it’s difficult to narrow down your choices to 5. Constantly 2nd-guessing yourself.#NFL

One last thing on the HOF voting: In football there are 22 starters, in baseball 9. That makes for more than twice … #NFL

… as many qualified candidates and more than twice as many DISAPPOINTED qualified candidates every year. Thus the hue and cry. #NFL

#Bruins G Tim Thomas showed up at Verizon Center today, so I guess he’s OK with Ted Leonsis’ politics. #Caps

Which is/was more incongruous, Madonna-Dennis Rodman relationship or Bill Belichick-Jon Bon Jovi friendship? #NFL #Pats 

Last #SuperBowl that started 2-0 was #Steelers#Vikings in SB IX. Tarkenton fell on loose ball in end zone. Dwight White covered him. #NFL

That was the halftime score of that SB, by the way. #Steelers went on to win, 16-6. It was the 1st of their 4 Lombardi Trophies in the ‘70s.

The first #SuperBowl pass Branch caught from Brady was in 2004. Now he has one in 2012. Eight-year span. A QB/WR record?

Danny Woodhead making a bid to be the Phil McConkey of #SuperBowl XLVI. #Patriots #Giants #NFL

The last two halftime scores between #Pats and #Giants were 0-0 (Week 9) and 7-3 (SB 42). This (10-9) is a barnburner, in other words. #NFL

Madonna’s wardrobe malfunction might be her wardrobe. #SuperBowlXLVI #StopMeBeforeIShopAgain

For her next act, Madonna will dot the i in Ohio. #SuperBowlXLVI

I’m disappointed Madonna isn’t wearing a pair of Rob Gronkowski walking boots. #SuperBowlXLVI

America is going to spend most of Monday morning talking about the incredible resilience of … Madonna’s hamstrings. #SuperBowlXLVI

I haven’t seen anybody make an exit like Madonna’s since the Wicked Witch of the West in “The Wizard of Oz.” #SuperBowlXLVI

After the game, Madonna is going to fly over Indianapolis on a broom, spelling out: “Surrender Gisele.” #SuperBowlXLVI

Hey, everybody, I just got retweeted by @CycleofSuck!

Branch was uncovered on that play like Reche Caldwell was uncovered in the ‘06 AFC title game @ Indy. Unlike Reche, he caught ball. #Pats

Brady just tried to cut block Osi Umenyiora on that reverse to Welker. Must be a career highlight for him. #SuperBowlXLVI


FWIW: #Giants are 2nd champion to beat its #SuperBowl opponent in preseason, regular season, postseason. Other: ‘94 #49ers(Chargers). #NFL

Jim Larranaga answered the question yesterday of why he’d leave the #GeorgeMason cocoon — at the age of 62 — to coach at #Miami

At #Miami he could go into Cameron Indoor Stadium, have a reasonable chance of not getting homered by the refs, and beat Duke. #GeorgeMason

And winning at Duke, I’ve gotta believe, feels a whole lot better than winning at North Carolina-Wilmington. #Miami #GeorgeMason

The way I figure it, Larranaga can coach till he’s 70 — eight more years — soak up some sun and maybe make another NCAA run.#GeorgeMason

At any rate, Jimmy is going to love telling recruits, “I’ve been at#Miami for only a year, and we’ve already won at Duke.”#GeorgeMason

Hear about the golfer in Texas who was stabbed when he asked to play through? Imagine if he’d walked in somebody’s putting line.#golf

How long do you figure it will be before Vh1 is airing a “Football Wives” series, starring Gisele Bundchen? #Patriots #NFL #Wimmen

Saw something tonight I don’t think I ever saw before: The words “Kobe,” “Shaq” and “passed” in the same sentence. #NBA #Lakers


In the last decade (‘02-11), 3 #NFL QBs have won more than one Super Bowl (Brady, Ben, E.Manning)… . #Pats #Steelers #Giants

… The last time that happened was in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s (Bradshaw, Plunkett, Montana)… . #NFL #Patriots #Steelers#Giants

… It also happened in the ‘70s (Griese, Bradshaw, Staubach). #NFL#Patriots #Steelers #Giants


It just dawned on me: Now that we’ve learned about Fausto Carmona’s dual identity, does this put the #Indians over the roster limit? #MLB

And another thing: If you’re going to have a dual identity, one of them should be Spider-Man or something like that. #Indians #MLB

Is there anything more amusing in college sports than self-imposed school penalties? Imagine if the athletes had that option. #UConn#NCAA

The #Knicks‘ Jeremy Lin is only the 3rd Harvard grad to play in the NBA. The 1st, Saul Mariaschin, played for the ‘47-48 #Celtics.#Wizards

Mariaschin was originally drafted, though, by the Washington Capitols, who were coached by Red Auerbach in his pre- #Celtics days. #Wizards

Mariaschin played on the #Celtics with a 6-foot-5 F-C named Chuck Connors, who later starred as “The Rifleman” on TV. #Wizards#Knicks

I doubt anybody on Lin’s #Knicks team will go on to star in a television series about a Wild West rancher. #Wizards #Celtics

The only other Harvard grad to play in the #NBA was Ed Smith with the ‘53-54 #Knicks. One of his NY teammates was Al McGuire.#Wizards

Smith also played on the #Knicks with Ernie Vandeweghe, Kiki’s dad, and Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton, the ex-Globetrotter. #Wizards #NBA#Celts

If they ever make a movie about Harvard grads in the #NBA, here’s hoping Jesse Eisenberg doesn’t play one of them. #Wizards #Knicks#Celtics

I could imagine a role for Justin Timberlake, though. Possibly as Lin’s never-take-no-for-an-answer agent. #Wizards #Knicks #NBA#Harvard


Mike Lombardi of the #NFL Network says Peyton can’t throw to his left? Who do the #Redskins line up out there, anyway? Would they miss him?

Oil Can Boyd claims he would have won 150 #MLB games if he hadn’t been on cocaine. Since his career record was 78-77, … #RedSox

… that means he would have gone 150-5. Sounds like he’s still on something. #MLB #RedSox

Can’t blame Ocho for wanting to change his name back to Chad Johnson. Johnson averaged 79.9 catches, 1,195 yds and 7 TD a yr… #NFL #Pats

… Ochocinco only averaged 51.8 catches, 673.5 yds and 4.5 TD a yr. It’s a no brainer. #NFL #Pats