The Washington Times - June 15, 2012, 01:56PM


Did you see Peyton is living in Shanny’s 35,000-ft palace in the Denver area? Gonna stay there until he can find something bigger. #Redskins


“The folks who left comments at the end of Yahoo! Sports articles wrote at a 3.3 grade level.”

Martina was 26 when she completed the career grand slam (‘83 US Open). Chrissie was 27 (‘82 Aussie Open). Sharapova is 25. #FrenchOpen

One of saddest things about I’ll Have Another’s retirement is that he won’t be able to collect Social Security for at least 59 yrs. #Belmont

Love Clippard’s habit of blowing into his hand. You’d think it was April, and the franchise was still in Montreal. #Nats #RedSox #MLB

Another save for Clippard, who seems to be taking pretty well to this Closer Thing. How many bullpens have a guy like him? #Nats #RedSox

Davey told me one of issues with moving setup guy into closer role is arm “resiliency.” Well, Clippard has saved 3 games in 4 days. #Nats


Every tennis player who drops to his knees after winning a match should have to pay Bjorn Borg a royalty. #FrenchOpen


Before the season, Davey talked about having two “switch hitters” on the #Mets who couldn’t hit right-handed (HoJo, Backman )… . #Nats

… Now he’s got one who’s struggling mightily left-handed (Espinosa). Bizarre. I mean, either you can switch hit or you can’t. #Nats

Bryce Harper might inspire a new statistic: base-running percentage. #Nats #Jays #MLB

If the #Dolphins ask Ochocinco for inside info on the #Pats, he’ll probably say: “They don’t like to throw to anybody named Ochocinco.”

Memo to the #Devils: This is what happens when you try to turn Game 6 into an episode of “The Sopranos.” A 3-goal power play. #LAKings

Wonder how Ozzie Guillen feels about #Teofilo Stevenson, the late, great Cuban heavyweight. #Marlins #Castro

If he hadn’t been under Communism’s thumb, Stevenson probably could have had a career like Lennox Lewis’. What a boxer. #Teofilo

John Tate, you may recall, briefly held the WBA heavyweight title. #Teofilo knocked him out in one round in the ‘76 Olympics.

Harper with his third hit of the night. The #Jays are changing pitchers again. Maybe they should bring in a 15-year-old. #Nats #MLB

I get the impression Bryce is PO-ed that 20-year-old Mike Trout is hitting .350. #Nats #Angels #MLB

The third base base coach was so determined to stop Harper from trying to score on that single that he almost dug a moat. #Nats #Jays

File “Francisco Cordero” under: Names I Would Have Loved To Hear Ricardo Montalban Pronounce. #Nats #Jays #MLB

Just checked. Only 9 times since 1918 has a starter thrown fewer than 10 pitches + taken the loss (as #Jays‘ Morrow did tonight)… . #Nats

… It also happened to one HOFer (Drysdale, 1959), one future HOFer (Glavine, ‘89) and another who won Cy (Vern Law, ‘64). #Nats #Jays

… Here’s the last starting pitcher (before Morrow) to throw 9 or fewer pitches and get tagged with the loss: #Jays #Nats

And lest we forget, the #LAKings‘ original owner was Jack Kent Cooke, the erstwhile encyclopedia salesman from Toronto. #Redskins #NFL #NHL

Just realized: #Kings scored empty-netter with 3:45 left in Stanley Cup clincher; #Giants scored empty-netter in last minute of Super Bowl.


Back in October, the #Redskins lost at Rogers Centre 23-0. Gotta believe the #Nats can do better than that. #NFL #MLB

Which raises the question: Have the #Redskins and#Nats have ever played in the same building in the same year? I’ll check.

Answer: Yes. In 2007 the #Redskins and #Nats both played at the Metrodome. Skins beat Vikes 32-21 and Nats took 2 of 3 from Twins. #NFL #MLB

Also, in 2011, the #Redskins and #Nats both played at Sun Life Stadium. The Skins lost 20-9 to Fins and the Nats went 5-4 vs. Marlins.

It would have been really cool if the #Redskins and #Caps had played in the same stadium in the same year. Alas …

… the year the #Caps visited Heinz Field for the Winter Classic (2011), the Redskins didn’t play the #Steelers there.

How many more games will it be before Harper is leading the #Nats in home runs? I’d put the over/under at 30. #Jays #MLB


This actor who plays Christopher Ewing on the new “Dallas,” Jesse Metcalfe, is a dead ringer for Theo Epstein. #Cubs #RedSox #MLB


Wonder if Phil (+4 so far) has texted Tim Finchem yet to tell him the course is too hard. #USOpen

Some of these golfers, when they position themselves with their long putters, it looks like their chin is on a kickstand. #USOpen

Olympic is one of my least favorite #USOpen venues. It makes me think of the ‘84 Olympics, the one the Russians didn’t show up for.

Gotta love how the guys who started on No. 9 at Olympic are finishing at the par-3 8th. At Congressional in ‘97 #USOpen, 18th was a par-3.

There should be a constitutional amendment that requires every #USOpen to have a driveable par-4. #OneGoodThingAboutOlympic

Rory McIlroy did all golfers a great favor in last year’s #USOpen at Congressional. Wanna guess what it is? Answer next.

By shooting 16 under, he assured that no one will ever concern himself with trying to break the #USOpen record again, as Arnie did …

 … heartbreakingly, in the 1966 #USOpen at Olympic. What happened to Arnie will never repeat itself — thanks to Rory’s runaway.

Congratulations to Justin Rose (69) and Graeme McDowell (ditto) for not being Luke Donald (79) and Rory McIlroy (77). Sheesh. #USOpen

No #USOpen first round that includes a double eagle (Nick Watney) and a 69 by #Tiger can be considered anything but a good day.

If  #Tigerplaying the course front to back Friday, can come close to matching his first-round 69, watch out. Looks pretty locked in. #USOpen

Please explain to me why Oscar Mayer hasn’t signed up Matt Wieters as a spokesman. #Orioles #MLB

I can never remember whether Francesco Molinari (71) is a professional golfer or the name of one of Ernie Els’ wines. #USOpen

If Hollywood ever films another “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel, they should hire Rickie Fowler as a body double for Johnny Depp. #USOpen


Teeing off at 4:18 ET, #Tiger will finish in prime time tonight. It’ll be just like the Showdown at Sherwood. #USOpen

Will anybody be under par at the end of the second round of the #USOpen? Judging from the early scores, you have to wonder.

Is it just me, or is Jim Furyk the Tom Kite of his generation? #USOpen

McDowell is -2 at Olympic. If Northern Ireland wins a 3rd straight #USOpen … [fill in the blank]

… we may have to rename it the Greater Belfast Invitational. #USOpen