The Washington Times - December 7, 2007, 12:20PM

\ Journalists have been aware of his strength there since he took second in the Republican straw poll in August.\

\ Could Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware be the Democrats’ sleeper in 2008 that Sen. John Kerry, Massachusetts Democrat, was in the 2004 race?\


\ Mr. Biden sure thinks so.\

\ He released a video ad today called, “Joe is Right in Iowa,” mostly seeking contributions to pay for his television ad campaign:\

\ \

\ The ad is just a bunch of Iowans saying Joe is right and why they think so.\

\ More and more in debates, and particularly at the Brown and Black Forum in Iowa last weekend, Mr. Biden has come off as the savvy, experienced politician that Sen. Hillary Clinton has been painting herself to be.\

\ I blogged a while back that I was matched with Mr. Biden in a who’s-your-candidate game where I answered a series of questions about my stance on the issues, and I got Joe Biden. A few others took the test, too, and some came up with the same thing.\

\ John Kerry, like Mr. Biden, was at the bottom of preference polls in Iowa before he went on to win the caucus and all but one primary thereafter.\

\ — Brian DeBose, national political reporter, The Washington Times