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9-11 - a Survivor's Story

New York City ... The opening chapters to New York’s greatest modern story were watched, in horror, by millions.  But there are survivors, both the buildings that left standing and those able to walk away from our nation’s deadliest chapter. Just across Church Street stands St. Paul’s Chapel. Completed in 1766 it remains as the oldest public building in “continuous use” and the cities remaining colonial church.  A historical list of who’s who has attended services at St. Paul’s. It is where George Washington worshiped, including on the day of his Inauguration on April 30, 1789.  His pew remains

Oceanic Gastronomy at Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach by Reed Hellman

  Too often, the gastronomic spectrum found at beach resorts is narrow and mostly covered with melted cheese.  By contrast, in Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach, foodies find a range of culinary and dining adventures alongside an exciting stretch of Mid Atlantic seacoast. Rehoboth Beach faces the Atlantic Ocean immediately south of Cape Henlopen, a wave battered finger pointing out the junction of Delaware Bay and the ocean.  The resort is largely low-rise, high-brow, dog-friendly, culturally yclept, and enjoys a good measure of alternative lifestyles.  It’s also earning a positive reputation among people who enjoy making food adventures a part of their vacations.  

A Cat's Meow: Saving Exotic Felines in rural California

Rosamond, CA ... Tao and Ran lay side-by-side, watching me watch them. Doc paces back and forth, back and forth, while his brother Cisco looks at him lazily, his eyes starting to close in the warm morning sun. Xeno sticks his head out, curious at what we’re talking about when we walk by his home.  It’s another morning at the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound’s Feline Conservation Center (EFBC/FCC)

Gurnee, Illinois - Keeping cool at KeyLime Cove resort by Jacquie Kubin

There are hundreds of great places to stop and spend a day or two and  Gurnee, Illinois was recently recognized by TripAdvisors as one of the Top Ten Vacation Destinations for 2009. This is amazing to me as I spent the majority of my summers, through the 1970’s driving straight through the sleepy hamlet on my way to warm, mosquito filled days at the “lake.”  Traveling between Chicago and Milwaukee meant a two-day stop in Gurnee, making a impromptu visit to KeyLime Cove, one of the newest entrants into the "waterpark" resort/hotel.

The Port Royale of the North Atlantic by Reed Hellman

At dawn in Louisbourg, the sun is a diffused circle, barely cutting through the fog stealing in from the Atlantic Ocean. Intermittent rains add to the dreary aspect as they spatter across the glassy bay. A few gulls wheel overhead or stalk through the tide-thrown wrack littering the black sand beach. The continent ends here at the outboard tip of Nova Scotia, on easternmost Cape Breton Island. Beyond Louisbourg harbor’s mouth, the North Atlantic rolls away, unimpeded, to Europe.

Cal-a-Vie The Spa Haven - All the right moves by Linda Mensinga

Visiting southern California’s Cal-a-Vie spa is the great way to escape the stresses of work and responsibilities and emerge feeling better,stronger and healthier. Fitness instructors will show you cardio, strength and stretching moves. Therapists will pamper your face, scalp and body with gentle moves. Classes, lectures, massages and delicious guilt-free food make this vacation truly rejuvenating.

Domingo's Mexican & Seafood Restaurant, Boron, California by JoAnna Haugen

The chimichangas at Domingo’s Mexican & Seafood Restaurant are heaped with lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. Fajitas sizzle and pop. Generous portions of rice and beans spill over the plates. To say this is not your local Taco Bell is an understatement. But visitors to this small and unsuspecting eatery tucked in the high desert country on a quiet road in Boron, California, are in for a treat that far exceeds the taste of just hot tortilla soup and spicy salsa.

Main Street 4th of July - Antioch, Illinois by Jacquie Kubin

Main Street is still there. And it is still lined with great buildings in classic art deco motifs. The Las Vegas Diner still serves the best breakfast and their parade is still one of the best. Not because of fancy floats, but because you can't help but smile when you see the bright smile on this year's Miss Junior Peanut. And you can't help cry a little when everyone, from the smallest child to the oldest adult stands up and cheers when the Veterans of Foreign Wars guys march proudly by. (Photo: Alison, Age 4/By Jacquie Kubin)

Visit Baltimore, Maryland this July 4th and celebrate African American History

Baltimore, MD…Celebrate Independence Day at the 8th Annual African American Heritage Festival held in Baltimore from July 3-5 at the M&T Bank Stadium. Celebrating our nations independence alongside the history, culture, education, heritage and arts that reflect the rich African American traditions of Baltimore, the event will also feature carnival rides, new educational and historical exhibits and an interactive children's area.

Camp Reveille - Sleep Away Camp for Mom by Jacquie Kubin

How long has it been since you went to summer camp?  Bunk houses and mess halls.  Swimming in the lake and eating S’mores around the campfire, ghost stories, arts and crafts or just hanging talking with an old, or new best friend. Women from 25 to 75 can head back to camp, along with ABC’s Good Morning American host Joan Lunden, to relive all those magical childhood summer experiences and more when they head to Camp Reveille, located in Southern Maine, for a weekend at a unique "sleep over" camp experience designed with only women in mind.

A Taste of Adventure - Dining in Brooklyn, New York, by Reed Hellman

New York...Brooklyn, New York has been one of America's vestibules. Immigrants from scores of nations entered our country's outer doors and settled right there, in New York City's southernmost borough. Those first generations clung to their native languages, traditions, and foods, formed into cloistered neighborhoods, and raised their children on a blend of old country and new. It was the second generation and their children who opened the vestibule's inner doors and entered America's interior.

A trio of Father's Day gifts that don't fit in a tie box by Jacquie Kubin, editor, Donne Tempo Magazine

Father’s Day looms as does the question of what do you get a man that needs nothing?  What can a daughter, or wife, find for that special man in their lives? Can you really pick up another trendy shirt, or, gasp, tie or tool? How about finding something for dad that is steeped in tradition, but that carries a trendy new twist making it very much about today. My suggestion for this year is forget about what he needs and think about what he wants – simply remember a few of his favorite things…for example good drink, exciting sports action or a day of relaxation…and he won’t be feeling so bad!*

Glorious San Jose by Lisa Ruth, editor, Donne Tempo Magazine

Nestled in the Santa Clara Valley, surrounded by the soaring Santa Cruz Mountains, lays lush and lovely San Jose, California.  Overshadowed by its more famous northern cousin, San Francisco, San Jose is a worthy destination.  The bustling city boasts a huge variety of unique natural sites, cultural destinations, nightlife and a surprising calming beauty.