The Washington Times - June 21, 2009, 12:52AM

by Jacquie Kubin, Donne Tempo Magazine
Southern Maine…How long has it been since you went to summer camp? 

Bunk houses and mess halls.  Swimming in the lake and eating S’mores around the campfire, ghost stories, arts and crafts or just hanging talking with an old, or new best friend.

Joan LundenWomen from 25 to 75 can head back to camp, along with ABC’s Good Morning American host Joan Lunden, to relive all those magical childhood summer experiences and more when they head to Camp Reveille, located in Southern Maine, for a weekend at a unique “sleep over” camp experience designed with only women in mind.
“Play comes naturally for a child, in fact, it’s expected, but for multi-tasking women, it is a challenge to find a way to keep a sense of play in life,” Ms. London said.  “My goal with Camp Reveille is to reconnect women with that inner-child…who says youth has to be wasted on the young?!”

Camp Reveille provides many things for many women.  It is a place for women to connect with each other and their inner girl as they share a unique experience with other women who come to revive and reawaken their sense of self, and the sense of play. It is also a place where they can connect with themselves, to take time to breath, slow down and nurture their own heart and soul.
The camps summer 2009 session begins on Thursday August 20 and includes three nights/four days away at camp.  The list of activities participants can join in on is long, from archery, dance, and fitness classes, to lounging lakeside and taking part in an Indian Fire Council and drum circles. 

One would be hard pressed to not keep busy having fun and trying new things — though the option to not do anything at all is ever present.
For those looking to indulge, there is even a spa for facials and massages after a day in the sun. Joan Lunden is the face of Murad’s Resurgence skincare and has brought them to Camp Reveille, transforming the health center into the Murad Spa! 

Camp participants can enjoy facials and neck massages with the Resurgence product for a soothing, relaxing and revitalizing experience.
Women Swimming at Camp ReveilleAt Camp Reveille the focus is on self-discovery while reinforcing those core values of loyalty, obedience, courage, faith and love – those very same values we hope our children bring home from their “away camp” experience.

 Woman who have visited the camp in the past find themselves re-merging with who they are beyond caregiver and nurturer for others – whether in the home or the office/work environment.

Unlike our childhood camps, at Camp Reveille, campers are allowed to choose what to do, or they can choose to do nothing – in morning meditation and LIfebreath sessions or simply by finding the time to pull up an Adirondack chair and watch the sun rise, or set. 

And while the camp is designed to provide a luxury experience with comfortable accommodations, fine linens and foods prepared by Chef Norm who is famous for his myriad of incredible soups at each and every meal!

Smores at Camp ReveilleEven with all this luxury, this is still camp filled with a deep lake, a lush verdant forest that smells crisp in the morning and rich in the afternoon sun and a lifetime of memories.
“My favorite memory is the wacked-up-relay because it creates a sense an instant camaraderie between the women, a free pass for silliness, and it get’s everyone up and into the camp spirit,” Ms. Lunden says. “I also love our traditional campfire.  To me, that’s the transformational night.  Women have so much to share with each other and the Reveille campfire creates a magical atmosphere.”
The camp provides everything you need, including three meals a day in the state of the art, air-conditioned dining facility with healthful snacks, including fresh fruit and cold water, available throughout the day in various locations around camp.  Wine is served at dinner and during evening activities and of course there are always s’mores around every campfire! 

Campers simply need to bring a short checklist found at the Camp Reveille website  that includes personal toiletries, clothes and a camera to record all the fun you will have going back to “away summer camp.”



Camp Reveille
On Long Lake
Naples, ME 04055