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TRAVEL: Seeking more than theme parks in Orlando, Florida

Surrounded by water, the Peninsula that is Florida offers visitors plenty of things to do. Our thoughts immediately go to the oceans and beautiful beaches that are plentiful along the Ocean and Golf Coasts, however one of the states undiscovered joys are the estuaries – brackish water, often shallow, inlets where the sea and fresh water meet.

TRAVEL: SeaWorld Rescue and Rehabilitation, Orlando, Florida

SeaWorld is a marine mammal and wildlife education and conservation facility first, theme park second. SeaWorld scientists, zoologists, rescue teams and trainers work around the world to save animals, from stranded whales to injured sea lions, while sending a steady message of conservation, research, environmental awareness and animal rehabilitation.

AMAZONIAN ROAD WARRIOR: Hyatt Regency, Sarasota, Florida

If Miami is your brother's flamboyant tanga clad girlfriend, Sarasota is your hipster cousin, all about understatement and culture with a tropical flavor. A recent trip to Sarasota for the Forks & Corks Food and Wine festival had me in need of a quality, luxury hotel. Donne Tempo Magazine Writer Janice Jurist checks out the recently renovated Hyatt Regency Hotel, Sarasota Florida and finds it fabulous!