The Washington Times - December 20, 2007, 03:40PM

\ Covering the environmental beat brought dozens of cards, all recycled of course. When I covered the Sunday talk shows, Fox News Channel had me on their list.\


\ Covering Congress brought an avalanche of “holiday” and even a few Christmas cards from House and Senate members, most featured pictures of their families on the cover. I’ve excused some for dropping me from their list, as they are under indictment, or in jail (you know who you are ;)).\

\ But covering homeland security is the loneliest of beats during the holiday season when it comes to seasons’ greetings.\

\ It’s not like I was expecting a card postmarked “The Cave” or anything. Hopefully it’s just a sign that people have their heads wrapped in the holiday season and aren’t thinking about homeland security — that’s certainly my goal as I take a break today to spend time with family and loved ones.\

\ So Merry Christmas, ya’all!\

\ If the good Lord’s a-willing and the creek don’t rise, you won’t be hearing much from me until the new year.\

\ — Audrey Hudson, Homeland Security reporter, The Washington Times \

\ P.S. Thank you, Koch Industries, for the lovely card.\