The Washington Times - December 9, 2007, 11:37AM
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Christina Bellantoni is blogging the Democratic campaign from Iowa Mitt Romney’s speech this past week Hugh Hewitt first executive director of the Nixon Library biography “Painting the Map Red,” Republican cheerleader a book about Mitt Romney Romney Hewitt wrote
Mitt Romney threw a long ball today and scored. There can be no objective argument against that conclusion. …\ Thus, objectively, the speech cannot be judged as other than an extraordinary success for Romney. (Emphasis added)
Hot Air site
And yea, the punditocracy looked upon what Mitt hath wrought and said, “It is good.” …\ It’s not so much that I disagree … but insisting repeatedly upon its success as an objective fact is a weird rhetorical ploy which reads like a transparent attempt to delegitimize critics as being, in an almost clinical sense, out of touch with reality. … Of all the people commenting today about this, there’s only one who sounds like he’s coming unglued. And it ain’t any of Mitt’s critics.
Stephen Dinan’s take
He looks the part of a president, and today he showed he can occupy a podium and deliver a bully pulpit-style speech.
linking to that Hot Air post Ace of Spades Sundries Shack Junkyard Blog this objectively hilarious parody by Iowahawk continuing his “pundit consensus” bandwagon argument snarky response from Allahpundit — Robert Stacy McCain, assistant national editor, The Washington Times