The Washington Times - March 26, 2007, 05:16PM
“The flooding occurred during a three-week period between the end of June and early July 2006 when Fort Greely, Ala., received several inches of rain. Fort Greely and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California house the nation’s only Missile Defense Agency interceptor missiles. The flooding damaged 25% of the U.S. interceptor missiles’ launch capability. These silos house the interceptor missiles that would be used to attempt to intercept a missile aimed at the United States. No interceptors were in the flooded silos.”\

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“Boeing, the contractor that is at least partly responsible for failing to protect the silos, will most likely still receive an estimated $38 million to repair the silos and a $100 million no-bid contract to build more silos. Boeing would also receive a $7 million award fee added to the contract.”
— Eric Pfeiffer, Capitol Hill correspondent, The Washington Times