The Washington Times - October 13, 2007, 07:45AM
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Don Surber
Halsey the SCHIPman\ Was a workingman, they plead\ He wasn’t made of dough\ But the children know\ How he drove 3 S-U-Vs… .
Sen. Harry Reid’s staff decided S-CHIP federal healthcare program Graeme Frost the Democratic Party’s official response A contributor to Free Republic did some Web research afford chose Conservative bloggers Malkin provided a “read the whole thing” summary
The blatant dishonesty of the Democrats in using a 12 year old as a prop in a political soap opera whose family’s financial situation was misrepresented should be exposed for the cheap trick it was. … [T]he media has played along with the Democrats and will make it appear that the President and Republicans are heartless monsters for denying little Graeme and his family the benefits they deserve. A pretty low maneuver by the Democrats.\ \ \ It’s par for the course. The use of Graeme Frost was part of a larger left-wing strategy to hide behind children and use them as cannon fodder in their losing bid to get S-CHIP passed into law.
accusing conservatives of “smearing” the Frost family
If a political party is desperate enough to send a boy to do a man’s job, then the boy is fair game. As it is, the Dems do enough cynical and opportunist hiding behind biography and identity, and it’s incredibly tedious. And anytime I send my seven-year-old out to argue policy you’re welcome to clobber him, too. The alternative is a world in which genuine debate is ended and … politics dwindles down to professional staffers writing scripts to be mouthed by Equity moppets.
“swiftboating” Graeme Frost Reid’s staffers who decided to put a child in the middle of this political debate
The blond, bespectacled youth rose at 6 a.m. in his family’s home in the Butchers Hill neighborhood of Baltimore yesterday for the trip to Washington.\ \ \ Earlier in the week, two staffers from the office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had called to ask Graeme about his health care experience… .\ \ \ The Senate staffers wrote the script for Graeme. (Emphasis added.)
Michelle Malkin filed a report Liberal bloggers went ballistic. “stalking” the Frost family favorite demon debate she replied “Common Ground” discourse that would be approved by Cal Thomas and Bob Beckel Lucy-and-the-football asserting that the Frost family owns three expensive late-model vehicles. Prediction #1 Prediction #2 Nobel laureate invented the Internet — Robert Stacy McCain, assistant national editor, The Washington Times