The Washington Times - October 26, 2007, 05:13PM
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See, I could never be a cop, because I would’t even last long enough to be a bad cop. The CAIR guy … I would have planted his dentures in concrete the moment I had him outside the building.
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“When I came to this campus as a freshman 52 years ago … the atmosphere was a lot more hospitable to actual thinking than it is today,” Horowitz said. A conservative writer, Horowitz said he was a Marxist as an undergraduate in a place where most professors were not… .\ \ To the democrats at Columbia, Horowitz said, “You are getting a worse education than the conservatives,” because conservatives “are all challenged all the time.”
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“Horowitz believes that every person of the Islamic faith, regardless of circumstances or background or plans for the future, is inherently violent or conniving, or somehow untrustworthy,” said Shlomo Bolts, CC ‘10, in a speech to the crowd… .\ \ Horowitz was also criticized for his conservative ties and allies. “It’s a campaign of demeaning Muslims that’s transparently disguised as an attempt to justify a new war with Iraq and Iran,” said David Judd, CC ‘08, and a member of Columbia Coalition Against the War.
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The question period was full of the usual self-righteous lecturing by thoroughly propagandized students who have no training in critical thinking and quite obviously feel deeply threatened when their cherished ideas, which rest on such shaky intellectual and evidentiary foundations, are questioned. I see that one of the fundamental weaknesses of the Left, and their Islamic supremacist allies, is that they believe their own propaganda, and don’t even have the conceptual apparatus required to help them recover when its inaccuracy and dishonesty is exposed.
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In the Jack Morton Auditorium Thursday, he told a group of about 200 that he was tired of being unfairly attacked. He also criticized University President Steven Knapp for not personally punishing the students who hung the posters.\ \ “There is a lynch mob on this campus, and it’s led by Peter Knapp,” he said, referring to Steven Knapp… .\ \ “It’s very difficult to get your message out once you’ve been branded a racist,” Horowitz said after the speech… .
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“I’ve spoken at Emory University several times and I’ve never seen it this bad,” said Horowitz responding to the crowd as they shouted and jeered. “This is exactly what the fascists did in Germany in the 1930s.” The loud chants, sign-waving, and disruptive gestures continued to escalate from audience members until the atmosphere was so chaotic that even the police present were unable to subdue the crowd… .\ \ “Even the students who did not agree with David Horowitz did not get a chance to speak their minds because of the protesters’ disruptive actions,” said Emory Professor Mark Bauerlein. “No one was able to listen to the lecture or to speak themselves — pro or con — everyone was shut down.”
A lot of the disruptive individuals were non-students who I think were involved with “National Program to Defend Dissent & Critical Thinking in Academia.” Some were involved with the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade of Atlanta. …\ \ Emory gave us members of the Emory Police Department there. They weren’t prepared to forcibly evict members of the audience… . I don’t think any of us were anticipating this happening … (Emphasis added)
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