The Washington Times - September 12, 2007, 04:49PM
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MoveOn’s starting a fellowship program — four short-term paid positions. …\ \ For the first time, we’re hiring MoveOn fellows: five-month paid positions working alongside our top campaigners and organizers on the most important issues of our times.\ \ Whether you’re a recent college grad or a movement veteran looking for a change, we’re looking for a few great folks who are passionate, innovative, and ready to move progressive politics.
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Through the MoveOn Fellowship, we’re recruiting the next generation of online organizers and grassroots leaders for accelerated careers in the progressive movement.\ * Learn the tricks of the trade and be mentored by leaders in the field.\ * Work alongside MoveOn directors for 5 months in a paid position with a competitive salary and health care benefits.\ * Help develop, plan, and execute big campaigns on key issues like stopping the Iraq war, fighting the climate crisis, bringing health care coverage to everyone, and winning the presidency back.\ \ We expect Fellows to come in many varieties. The idealistic young graduate. The inspired stay-at-home mom. The battle-tested community organizer. The MoveOn Fellowship will invite these rising stars to join our team, mentor them in our cutting-edge strategies, and position them on the frontlines of the biggest battles in American politics.
The Washington Times — Robert Stacy McCain, assistant national editor, The Washington Times UPDATE 6:40 p.m.: Memeorandum UPDATE 8:30 p.m.: Don Surber warns
Looking for work? Well, Uncle Wes Boyd wants you. … But beware: This group backs intern abuse.
David Freddoso of National Review
I notice that Donna Brazille is one of the judges for the fellowship — I wonder how she feels about this group’s smear of Petraeus?