The Washington Times - January 4, 2008, 11:47PM
Yaser Abdel Said “America’s Most Wanted” SEE RELATED:

While most people were celebrating the New Year, one woman was making a desperate call to Irving, Texas Police Dispatch. At about 7:30 p.m. on New Year’s Day, the woman claimed to be a shooting victim who couldn’t figure out where she was.\ \ Irving units drove to the O’Connor Road and Riverside Drive area of Irving, but found no one. About an hour later, police received a second call, this one coming from a concerned citizen, reporting a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot. When cops returned to the area, they found the original caller dead in the car, one of two deceased young women.\ \ Cops identified the two victims as sisters, 18-year-old Amina Yaser Said and Sarah Yaser Said, 17. To make this story even more heartbreaking, cops suspect the gunman is the girls’ own father, Yaser Abdel Said.\ \ While the family searches for answers about why this happened, investigators in Irving are trying to track down this man, whom they believe to still be armed.
largely ignored by the national media police say should be considered armed and dangerous The Washington Times was the only newspaper outside Texas to cover the story Fox News United Press International ABC News World Magazine Christian Broadcasting Network on the story as early as Wednesday morning Debbie Schlussel posted a report she noted Thursday
I correctly called it then. I said it was an honor killing and I said that it was probably because his daughters were dating non-Muslim boys.
Dallas TV station’s interview with the sisters’ boyfriends Jammie Wearing Fool notes denies the murders were religiously motivated
“Religion has nothing to do with this, and it was very wrong,” Islam Said said. “Islam is not a bad religion.”
Dallas Morning News reports
Zohair Zaidi, a close friend of Sarah’s, said Sarah told him their father had threatened harm to Amina recently when he discovered she had a boyfriend.\ \ “Her dad has always been oppressive with her and her sister,” said Mr. Zaidi, 18.\ \ “She said that one day when she came home — the day he found out about Amina’s boyfriend — he told Sarah, ‘I’m going to put a bullet through Amina’s head, and you better get used to her because she’s not going to be around much longer.’ “
Yaser Abdel Said could be anywhere by now John Walsh I interviewed Walsh in 2003 “AMW” profile of Yaser Abdel Said — Robert Stacy McCain, assistant national editor, The Washington Times