The Washington Times - January 7, 2008, 02:33AM
the murders of Amina and Sarah Said featured Saturday on “America’s Most Wanted” SEE RELATED:

refusal of most national media Phyllis Chesler says
If Abdul Said’s photo had been plastered all across our television screens and on the pages of our morning newspapers maybe — just maybe — someone might have recognized him or maybe —- just maybe — someone at a mosque might have been shamed by this dishonorable act and encouraged to mount a Muslim religious campaign to find and turn him over to the police… .\ Where is Abdul? Did he shoot himself? If so, where’s the corpse? Did he flee the country after a well-planned murder? If so, what plane did he board and where did he go? …\ I have no inside information but I assume that the police are asking all these questions. Authorities have offered a $10,000.00 reward for Abdul Said.
appears report on these murders “The Death of Feminism,” list of bloggers been on the story since Jan. 2 Michelle Malkin called an “honor killing” by the sisters’ great-aunt
Gail Gartrell, the sisters’ great-aunt, said Saturday that Mr. Said had physically abused the two girls for years. Around Christmas, the girls’ mother — Ms. Gartrell’s niece — had fled because of Mr. Said’s threats to kill the girls after he learned they had boyfriends, she said.\ “She ran with them because she knew he would carry out the threat,” Ms. Gartrell said. “This was an honor killing.” (Emphasis added.)
“America’s Most Wanted” profile — Robert Stacy McCain, assistant national editor, The Washington Times