The Washington Times - October 23, 2008, 05:21PM

Who says that cheap plane tickets are a thing of the past? How would you like to go skiing in Utah this winter for less than $150 round trip from the East coast, including all taxes? Rather visit a warmer place? How about a ticket to Hawaii for less than $300?

Yes, these are real prices, but you might need to do some homework to get them. Airlines now publish low fares less frequently and often pull them off the market within hours.


We’ve all heard travel experts warning that air fares have nowhere else to go but up, mainly because of record-high jet-fuel prices, as well as predictions that the era of affordable air travel is over.

That may well be what the future holds. The present, however, begs to differ — at least partially. Airlines may be imposing more restrictions on cheap tickets, but good deals are still around.

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How hard is it for you to find a cheap plane ticket? How much do you think have fares gone up lately? Do you have tips for fellow travelers?

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