The Washington Times - October 11, 2008, 07:56PM

The first period ends with the Blackhawks up, 2-1. The way the game started, the Caps should be pleased it’s not worse.

Alex Ovechkin had a chance with about a minute left in the period, but his breakaway shot was slapped away by Khabubulin. The Blackhawks were then immediately called for hooking, and the Caps got a couple half-decent shots on goal during the power play but couldn’t score.


We’re now watching some young kids from the Montgomery Youth Hockey Association. Apparently, this “Mites on Ice” game is sponsored by The Washington Times. The paper is also sponsoring the intermission interview. So, hopefully this will make some people buy papers and go to our Web site so that the newspaper can make money and us hard-working sportswriters can remain employed.

UPDATE: Rangers 4, Flyers 0. Here’s to hoping Governor Palin has already left the building and the city.