The Washington Times - September 20, 2008, 02:35PM

Bruce Boudreau has added a new wrinkle to the intrasquad scrimmages during camp this season. Starting tomorrow, the three groups will compete for the Gaetan Duchesne Cup. Each groups plays the other, and the team that goes 2-0 wins the Cup. If all three go 1-1, then goal differential is the tiebreaker. Boudreau wanted to add extra meaning to the scrimamges, and also to honor Duchesne, an eighth-round pick who made the Caps squad despite the long odds and became a popular member of the franchise (something the longshots in this camp can aspire to).

Team ‘B’ (coached by Boudreau and Bob Woods) faces Team ‘C’ (coached by Jay Leach and Mark French) tomorrow. Team ‘A’ will be coached by Dean Evanson and Blaine Forsythe.