The Washington Times - December 21, 2009, 12:20PM

So Boyd Gordon didn’t make it to Hershey this weekend for his conditioning assignment because of quite the travel odyssey. Trying to get to central Pennsylvania from Vancouver with all of the weather problems proved to be too difficult.

Gordon took a car from Vancouver to Seattle, then took flights to Atlanta, Orlando and Cincinnati before waiving the white flag. He spent a few hours in an Atlanta hotel, but most of his time over a two-day span was in airports.


Gordon is back with the Caps here in Arlington but his equipment is not — if it is back by tomorrow he will be able to practice but Bruce Boudreau was unsure about sending him to Hershey next weekend.

As for the other injured Caps, Shaone Morrisonn said he feels a lot better and hopes to play Wednesday. He was hurt against Colorado and wanted desperately to play against his hometown Vancouver Canucks.

“I definitely didn’t want to miss that game in Vancouver. I’ve been looking forward to it for three years,” Morrisonn said. “I was definitely on some good pain killers for that one and the next day I was hurting pretty bad.”

Meanwhile, Brian Pothier said he injured his ribs on an “innocent play.” He said he was boxing out a guy in front of the net when it happened. Pothier said his ribs aren’t broken, but the cartilage seperated from the bone.

He said certain things are painful, specifically rotating to one side or trying to backhand the puck in a shovelling motion. Pothier is uncertain about a return date, but he said, “I don’t feel like I’m far. I don’t know if it will be Wednesday or after Christmas. I’m not sure. I think we have the luxury with enough guys that it is not a huge rush.”

Semyon Varlamov did go out on the ice for some work with goaltending coach Arturs Irbe as the rest of the team was finishing up. Both head trainer Greg Smith and coach Bruce Boudreau had to make pleas from the bench to get them off the ice.