The Washington Times - July 14, 2009, 01:52PM

When Anton Gustafsson was drafted, he said his plan was to play one year in the No. 2 league in Sweden and one year in the SEL before coming to North American. Last fall/winter his dad, Bengt, confirmed that schedule was still on track.

So why did Anton say yesterday that he wants to play in North America this coming season? What changed?


“The situation in Frolunda wasn’t what I liked,” Gustafsson said. “They’ve been grabbing all the best players in the country to try to be a good team. It is pretty hard to get on that team with all those star players. I can’t imagine playing for another elite league team than Frolunda.”

“They have like six centermen that I see that are older and much better than me, so my chance to play in Frolunda is pretty small.”