The Washington Times - July 28, 2009, 05:49PM

Just got off the phone with Milan Jurcina’s agent, Allan Walsh, who said Tuesday morning’s salary arbitration hearing was handled professionally by both sides.

“It was very professionally presented by both sides,” he said. “There was some strong advocating by both sides, but certainly there was no nastness or low blows as has occurred in some other hearings.”


One of those contentious hearings was reportedly Shaone Morrisonn’s last season, when the Caps called the defenseman “one-dimensional,” according to the (Toronto) Globe and Mail. Morrisonn was eventually awarded him $1.975 million.

The panel that heard Jurcina’s case has 48 hours to issue its decision. Walsh could not comment on the specifics of the hearing other than to note the tenor of the discussion.

“Both sides were professional, and I don’t believe anybody came out from the hearing feeling anybody delivered any low blows,” he said.

A spokesman said the Caps would not comment, citing the collective bargaining agreement.

- Steve Whyno