The Washington Times - May 7, 2009, 04:19PM

One of the local TV stations in Pittsburgh, WPXI, has something on their web site about a threat towards Alex Ovechkin.

The threat was made on the Penguins’ official message board during Game 2. It was on page 58 of the official game 2 thread, but it has sense been removed.


It was made by someone with the handle “pensforlife87” and it said “Im killing Ovechkin i’ll go to jail i dont care anymore.”

Here is a statement about it from the Caps:

“We became aware of an inappropriate comment on a message board and referred it to appropriate authorities. We appreciate their diligence and have every confidence in our club’s safety.”

Ovechkin was not available this afternoon to the media, but a team spokesman said it was unrelated. It should be noted that Ovechkin left the team hotel with Alexander Semin and another friend around 2:30 p.m. without any security.