The Washington Times - September 14, 2009, 10:27AM

Tomas Fleischmann spent the second day of training camp like he is destined to spend all of them — skating on his own before everyone else hits the ice. Fleischmann said the blood clot in his leg formed because of the combination of a blocked shot in the playoff series against the Penguins (“probably my only blocked shot of the playoffs” he cracked) and a nine-hour plane ride home to his native Czech Republic.

Fleischmann said his left calf was sore for a few days after the flight, but then the pain went away. It came back when he tried to work out, and he went to see the doctor about two weeks after he got home. He thought it was a muscle problem, but the doctor told him it was DVT and he would be out for 3-4 months.


“I never heard about anything like that before,” Fleischmann said. “I asked the doctor when I could practice again, and he said three months, four months.”

He spent six weeks not doing anything, but started working out again in mid-July. Fleischmann said his upper body is in great shape — better than last year — but his legs are still weak from being limited in what he can do because of the clot. Fleischmann is taking one blood-thinning pill a day, and plans to skate seven days a week if the doctors let him.

“If you are taking these pills, you can’t get any concussions, any contacts so that’s why I’m not cleared to practice with the guys,” Fleischmann said. “That’s why I am practicing by myself and trying to make sure I get ready when I get cleared in probably the first week of the season.”