The Washington Times - September 16, 2009, 10:38AM

OK, here’s the deal: I don’t play video games as much as a lot of people do, but when it comes to hockey games I’ve put more than a few games through the paces. Ice Hockey and Blades of Steel for NES, NHL ‘93 and NHL ‘94 for Sega Genesis, NHL ‘97 and ‘99 for PC, and for the PS2 it was NHL 2004 (w/ the Dany Heatley cover, not Joe Sakic), NHL 2K6, NHL 2K7 and NHL 09. That’s my hockey video game history. Probably played NHL ‘93 and NHL 2k6 the most. Probably liked NHL ‘94 and NHL 09 the most.

So yesterday was a big day for fellow hockey video game enthusiasts. Both NHL 10 and NHL 2K10 went on the shelves. There is a certain local star on the cover of 2K10, and a certain Blackhawks star who is frugal with his cab fare on the NHL 10 cover.


Which one to buy? That’s a huge decision. I was always loyal to the EA brand for every sports game from the Sega days up until NHL 2K6. My reason for the switch was my own frugal ways — NHL 2K6 was only 20 bucks while NHL 06 checked in at $50. Turned out that was the right move for gameplay as well, because NHL 2K6 and 2K7 were both widely considered better games than there EA counterparts.

Starting with NHL 08 and continuing last year, EA responded and regained its place with the best hockey game on the market. Which is better this year? I place a lot of trust in IGN’s reviews — they are tough and thorough.

Here is IGN’s reviews for both NHL 10 and NHL 2K10. Looks like EA is a pretty clear winner again. I’ll be stopping by the local Best Buy after practice today, and I know which one I am picking up (and since I just got a PS3 this summer, I am a little excited to say the least).