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More on Maryland's cougars

The director of the Eastern Puma Research Network, John A. Lutz, takes issue with our late September blog concerning the lack of proof that mountain lions exist in Maryland.

Mountain lions in little old Maryland?

In an article in the Maryland Natural Resource magazine, Therres mentions that reports of cougar sightings come from every sector in the state -- as if we’re overrun with the big cats.

Ah, the wonderful dogs I've known

Over a lifetime of living in rural areas, much of it spent among self-sustaining "can-do" farmers, wood cutters, and hunting or fishing guides, some of my best memories concern dogs.

Watch how our money is spent, Mr. Governor

You would think that during wallet-emptying days of $3.65- to $4-per-gallon gasoline, constantly rising prices at the local grocery store, and calls for state budget cuts, the governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley, would have enough sense to put the needless spending of taxpayers' money on the back burner.