The Washington Times - August 25, 2010, 05:47PM

Sarah Palin the fixer? Mrs. Palin reportedly might be called upon to mend the riff between Dino Rossi, the GOP-establishment candidate who advanced in the recent Washington state primary for U.S. Senate, and losing “tea-party’-backed candidate Clint Didier.

Since losing last week, Mr. Didier has vowed to withhold his endorsement for Mr. Rossi until Mr. Rossi takes a clear stance against abortion, commits to no tax increases and vows to vote against federal spending.


Bloggers around the state are saying Republican officials are attempting to get Mrs. Palin to help Mr. Rossi reach a compromise with Mr. Didier, whose 13 percent of the vote in the primary could be crucial in the tight general-election race with 18-year incumbent Democratic candidate Patty Murray.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Washington Republican, is one person named as trying seek the assistance of Mrs. Palin.

A high-ranking state Republican told The Washington Times that “tea party” groups are already climbing aboard the Rossi bandwagon, regardless of what the Palin-backed Didier does.

Indeed, the blogger Liberty Belle has already endorsed Mr. Rossi in what is being called an “anything but Murray” wave.

Mr. Rossi has said he will not submit to anybody’s demands. And his campaign has said the Didier endorsement is not an election breaker.

— Joseph Weber