The Washington Times - September 13, 2010, 04:58PM

It’s not easy being a third-party candidate. Just ask Tom Tancredo.

The erstwhile Republican congressman, now running for Colorado governor on the American Constitution Party ticket, has suffered his share of indignities over the past few days. He appeared Monday before the Denver District Court to defend his candidacy against a lawsuit filed by two Republican voters who want him off the ballot.


They argue that he switched parties too late to qualify as the third-party candidate, while Mr. Tancredo insists he followed the rules. A ruling in the case is expected Tuesday.

Over the weekend, Club 20 held its prestigious candidates’ debate in Grand Junction, but it didn’t include Mr. Tancredo. Under club rules, only candidates whose parties represent at least 1 percent of the state’s registerd voters can participate. The American Constitution Party doesn’t come close.

Mr. Tancredo countered by bringing his own microphone. He appeared at a press conference outside the Club 20 candidates’ debate venue, then held a telephone town hall Sunday night.