The Washington Times - June 1, 2011, 08:51AM

Conservative groups still are holding out hope that Rep. Paul D. Ryan, House Budget Committee chairman, will join the race to become the GOP’s next presidential nominee.

Today, ConservativeHome ( blasted out an email announcing they’ve launched a campaign to “Draft Ryan for President.” The petition is posted on its website and lays out five basic reasons why Mr. Ryan is the right fit at the right time, including the fact that “Ryan was harping on our nation’s fiscal crisis before it was cool,” he’s young and the belief that he would keep the field honest.


“The way the GOP field has shaped up for 2012, combined with the unique historical moment in which we find ourselves — a moment defined by a fiscal crisis that no one has done more to confront than Ryan — have laid the ground for a Ryan bid,” said the group’s website editor, Ryan Streeter. “Although Ryan has stated that he doesn’t plan to run, his statements are a long way from an official renunciation of presidential ambition. He might change his mind if enough people get behind an effort to draft him.”