The Washington Times - March 29, 2011, 08:37PM

NASCAR drivers are known for their left turns, but at least one of them is just as comfortable with the right.

Driver Chris Lafferty is teaming up with as a sponsor of the #89 truck in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, which kicks off July 4.


His red Chevy truck will be renamed the “We the People” truck for the next two seasons, carrying the tea party message for two seasons and through the November 2012 election.

Unlike traditional sponsors, the tea party won’t be paying for the privilege. Instead, half the proceeds raised from other sponsors and donations will go to fund, according to a statement by Todd Cefaretti, Freedom Organizer for released to the Hill newspaper.

“Over 50 percent on average of the money that is raised from sponsors for the racing team will be donated to to be used to advance the tea party movement,” Mr. Cefaretti said.

Bill Wallace, coach and general manager of Lafferty Motorsports, said the unique arrangement was designed to help promote the tea party’s message. The truck will appear not only at NASCAR races but at tea party rallies and events.

“The driver, Chris Lafferty, is an outstanding spokesperson for the Tea Party movement in the Racing community,” said Mr. Wallace in a post on, an affiliate of “In the weeks to come the people will be able to get close to this team and see firsthand why this is no silver-spoon racing team. On the contrary, this is an American [grass-] roots team that works hard everyday to survive in the world of NASCAR.”

He said the website plans to carry regular messages from Mr. Lafferty and members of his team telling “why each of them wants the Tea Party to succeed in getting the word of the people out to the country.”