The Washington Times - March 7, 2011, 12:26PM

First lady Michelle Obama tops a new poll of the “hottest” political and public figures in the U.S., scoring higher than her husband.

Mrs. Obama scored 60.1 degrees — more than 3 degrees hotter than fourth-place President Obama — when American voters were asked to rate their feelings about politicians and other national figures in a Quinnipiac University Polling Institute “national thermometer” survey released today.

At 59.2 degrees, former President Clinton was in second place on the thermometer scale tallied by the independent pollster.

New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie, at 57 degrees, was the nation’s hottest politician, topping the president. Obama scored 56.5 degrees.

According to the pollsters, 55 percent of American voters don’t know enough about Christie to form an opinion.

Nancy Pelosi, the former House speaker and now the Democratic leader in the Republican-controlled chamber, got the coolest rating from voters at 32.9 degrees. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid ranked next lowest at 34.8 degrees, while former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ranked third from the bottom at 38.2 degrees.

The Quinnipiac poll, conducted Feb. 21 to 28, asked voters to rate leaders from 0 to 100 degrees on a “feeling thermometer,” with the highest numbers reflecting the warmest feelings.