The Washington Times - September 1, 2011, 05:54PM

Struggling to snag headlines in the press and to get invites to presidential debates, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson rolled out new ads on the web this week that dub him “The People’s President” and look to distance him from the rest of the Republican field on taxes and spending.

The two-term governor and libertarian hero vows in an ad uploaded Thursday on YouTube that, “I’m not going to raise your taxes.”


“I’m going to do a better job at balancing revenues and expenditures,” he says in the video. “Ultimately, taxes are being paid for with your and my freedom, because we have to spend more time to earn the money to pay for those taxes.”

In another ad uploaded earlier this week (, viewers are warned not to be fooled by the current crop of Republican candidates, President Obama, or several former oval office holders, including the Bush duo, Bill Clinton, and Richard Nixon. Featuring excerpts from the Who’s smash hit “Won’t Get Fooled Again” (“Meet the new boss / same as the old boss”), the video casts the group as more of the same.

“You want a revolution?” the video says. “Elect One. Gary Johnson. The People’s President.”