The Washington Times - February 10, 2012, 04:24PM

Florida Republican Rep. Allen West told the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday that conservatives mustn’t “sit back on our laurels” won during the Republicans’ sweeping 2010 midterm election success and press ahead to control all of government.

“The moment has come for us to set our sights on something bigger,” the outspoken South Florida freshman Republican told a CPAC audience. “We must not be satisfied with holding one-third of the federal government if that means that two-thirds are held by the liberal progressives.”


“Our goal this time must be even bigger — to keep the House, to take the Senate and to occupy the White House with conservatives.”

The freshman lawmaker said it was his “sincere prayer”  that 2012 will usher in a “conservative Renaissance.”

He also encouraged conservatives to push back at liberals who “paint us as racists, as sexists, inhumane warmongers.”

“As a conservative black Republican and former soldier, I’m here to set that record straight,” he said.