The Washington Times - July 16, 2012, 03:06PM

President Obama says he’s a one-barber kind of man.

During a town-hall meeting in Cincinnati Monday, Mr. Obama refused an offer from a barber in the audience who offered to cut his hair. The man, Tony White, queried the president about help for small businesses and then asked Mr. Obama, “When can I cut your hair?”


The president replied, “You would not want a president who is disloyal to his barber, right? So I am not going to let you cut my hair, because my barber would be hurt.”

Mr. White pleaded good-naturedly, “Just one time.”

The president responded that “maybe I’ll let you cut a line” in his closely-shorn hair.

Mr. Obama, who reportedly flies his barber from Chicago to Washington about every two weeks, told the audience that no bond is as tight as “a man and his barber.”