The Washington Times - April 1, 2013, 02:02PM

The Democratic National Committee says going $21 million into debt was worth every penny to win the election, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t desperately pleading for cash.

With 20 months before the next set of elections and electoral wins on the mind of nearly nobody, Democratic groups are sending more fundraising pleas than even during the final months of the election, spamming supporters’ email boxes multiple times per day.


Within hours on Sunday afternoon, Democratic groups hit each supporter’s inbox at least five times, hitting notes ranging from desperation (“Haven’t been able to reach you,” “bad news,” “final notication”—which wasn’t the final communication at all) to encouragement (“Boehner didn’t bargain for this”, “this is the best!”).

Sunday’s barrage followed an equal number of pleas in the preceding days.

And Organizing for Action, the nonprofit that President Obama’s campaign morphed into, is calling for donations before “tonight’s midnight deadline to be a founding member of OFA” — even though as a nonprofit that is not required to disclose donations, any such deadlines are entirely arbitrary.

The Republican National Committee has $7.5 million in the bank after sitting on cash though Election Day, while the DNC is $18 million in debt, leaving it a large hole to dig out of before it can even begin stockpiling for 2014 Congressional races.

But Democratic fundraisers have derided the RNC, saying the purpose of campaign funds is to spend them before Election Day, and while Republicans may appear fiscally prudent now, all that spending got them little in the way of victories in November, while the Democrats got lasting victories that make the debt worth it.