The Washington Times - April 15, 2013, 08:26AM

Outspoken conservative Sen. Ted Cruz observed Tax Day on Monday by tweeting out a smiling photo of President Obama in front of Air Force One, the traditional mode of presidential transport that conservatives at times have targeted as wasteful spending.

The photo shows a squinting Mr. Obama with a large message superimposed above and below the president that says the average American paid $7,029 in taxes in 2010 and concludes, “That’s 2.35 minutes on Air Force One. Thanks, Taxpayer!” 


Mr. Cruz, Texas Republican, has made a splash during his first few months in the Senate by loudly pushing a low-tax, liberty-first agenda.

“It’s happened again,” he tweeted with the photo. “It’s Tax Day & you deserve a government that spends those dollars much more wisely.”