The Washington Times - April 22, 2013, 01:32PM

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback on Monday signed a law to create the first-of-its-kind center to study and advance therapies with adult stem cells.

The “Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center” at the University of Kansas Medical Center will be supported with private funds and will permit people seeking therapies to participate in clinical trials. The center will focus on stem cells taken from umbilical cords and adults, but not human embryos, in an attempt to avoid the sharp moral debates that have accompanied past stem-cell research efforts.


Mr. Brownback also signed a bill Monday to punish human trafficking and protect children and victims, including those who were coerced into sex slavery.

On Friday, the staunch pro-life Republican signed into law House Bill 2253. The bill prohibits abortions related to the gender of the unborn child, blocks tax breaks for abortion providers, revises the general and late-term abortion statutes, and declares that the life of each human being begins “at fertilization.”