The Washington Times - April 4, 2013, 10:56AM

A conservative Washington think tank is raising funds to “stop Obamacare in its tracks” by lobbying for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s bill to repeal the contentious overhaul of America’s health care system.

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, asked supporters for donations on Thursday in a strongly worded email that reads as an urgent call to action.


“With your help today, we will shine the light of truth and turn up the heat in Washington in the days ahead,” he said. “We will engage in political guerrilla warfare to stop Obamacare piece by piece.”

Mr. Perkins said the FRC opposes President Obama’s health care law because it imposes new taxes and regulations and mandates specific actions, such as coverage of contraception that may violate employers’ religious freedoms.

Mr. Cruz, Texas Republican, made the repeal of the Affordable Care Act his first priority after assuming his Senate seat in January. Yet the wholesale elimination of the law is seen as politically impossible so long as Democrats control the Senate and Mr. Obama occupies the White House.

Meanwhile, congressional Republicans are filing legislation that chips away at aspects of the law.

“This twin strategy — repeal the whole, weaken the worst — is our best chance of restoring the freedoms we’ve lost, reversing the damage, and sparing millions the sad side effects that will befall them if Obamacare stands,” Mr. Perkins said in his email.