The Washington Times - April 5, 2013, 09:54AM

The United States, cooperating with international partners, has removed nuclear weapons-grade uranium from the Czech Republic, the 10th country to remove the nuclear material during President Obama’s time in office.

White House National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden Friday announced that the United States removed 68 kilograms of highly enriched uranium – enough material for two nuclear weapons – from the Czech Republic. The uranium has been securely transported to Russia, where it will be down-blended into low enriched uranium for use in nuclear power reactors.


Russia and the Czech Republic’s cooperation in removing the nuclear material comes on the fourth anniversary of Mr. Obama’s remarks in Prague, where he announced an international effort to secure all vulnerable nuclear material around the world.

“The United States and the global community have responded with an unprecedented effort that has secured thousands of kilograms of [highly enriched uranium] and plutonium, enough for dozens of nuclear weapons,” Ms. Hayden said.

The United States’ National Nuclear Security Administration, the Czech Republic’s Nuclear Research Institute and Russia’s Federal Atomic Energy Agency, as well as the International Atomic Energy Agency worked together on the project to remove the uranium from the Czech Republic.

“The United States is grateful to these partners and to the Czech and Russian governments for their outstanding cooperation,” Ms. Hayden said.