The Washington Times - December 12, 2013, 12:55PM

The leader of Tea Party Patriots announced Thursday that she opposes the bipartisan budget deal making its way through Congress, warning that lawmakers have proven that they can not be trusted to spend more now in exchange for future deficit reduction.

“The American people cannot count on savings 10 years down the road because Congress has repeatedly proven not to stick to self-imposed spending levels,” said Jenny Beth Martin, the group’s national coordinator.


The House on Thursday is scheduled to vote on the two-year budget proposal that Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray, Washington Democrat, and Republican House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin put together behind closed doors.

The agreement restores $63 billion in defense and non-defense “sequester” spending cuts that were included in the 2011 Budget Control Act and reduces the deficit by $23 billion over the next decade without raising taxes.

The proposal has been panned by some conservatives on Capitol Hill and by outside groups, including the Club for Growth, Heritage Action and Americans for Prosperity.

The groups have criticized Republicans for failing to curb the cost of the nation’s entitlement programs, while embracing new fees and new spending in the short-term in exchange for promises of long-term cuts that they don’t think will ever come to fruition.

“This deal also exposes the true colors of several in the GOP establishment when it comes to protecting conservative principles,” Ms. Martin said. “Republican lawmakers joined Democrats to un-cut $63 billion in sequester cuts and have ceded ground for a second time in less than 12 months on keeping taxes low. Instead of a strict tax-and-spend policy, the Republicans should be looking for ways to grow the entire economy so that everyone in America has an opportunity to improve their quality of life.”