The Washington Times - December 18, 2013, 08:39AM

Sen. Patty Murray said Wednesday the budget deal she struck with Rep. Paul Ryan “wasn’t easy,” but it had to be done to rebuild trust in Washington and clear the way for work on tax and entitlement reform.

Mrs. Murray, Washington Democrat, said she knew both sides of the political spectrum would not be pleased with everything that went into the deal, but that’s the price of compromise.


“In order to deal with the longterm challenges that our country faces … we have to have the trust of the American people, we have to have the trust of each other in Congress — in a divided Congress — to do that,” she told CNN’s “New Day.”

Some Republican senators are crying foul over cuts to cost-of-living increases to military pensions, but supporters of the deal say programs were slashed across the board.

Mrs. Murray said the budget negotiators knew they would “have to make some tough choices,” and said she would welcome input from anyone who thinks they had “a better way.”

She said Democrats had to compromise, too, because certain unemployment benefits were not included in the final deal.

“Again, this was a compromise, and this was something that the other side couldn’t agree to,” she said.