The Washington Times - December 20, 2013, 10:46AM

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll released Friday says nearly half of surveyed Americans, or 48 percent, view the new health care law unfavorably compared to 34 percent who see it as a good thing — numbers that are virtually unchanged from last month’s tracking poll.

The foundation said support among Democrats has rallied over the past month, from 55 percent last month to 68 percent. But overall, people are more likely to think the law will create negative consequences than positive ones.


An increasing amount of the public, now half, say the law will have no impact on their lives. That could be construed as a positive sign for the Obama administration, after the law took a battering in public opinion polls after its botched October rollout.

About four in 10 people say the law should be expanded or left alone, and an equal share say the law should be repealed or replaced, according to Kaiser.