The Washington Times - February 27, 2013, 11:41PM

Firebrand liberal film-maker Michael Moore implicitly called Justice Antonin Scalia a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Mr. Moore frequently accuses Republicans of racism and reverted to form Wednesday night on his Twitter feed, @mmflint.


“Memo to Tarantino prop dept: Please send one of those poorly sewn hoods from Django to Justice Scalia. Make sure it matches his robes,” Mr. Moore tweeted.

Mr. Moore was alluding to a scene in the current Quentin Tarantino film “Django Unchained,” which is set in the slavery-era South. In a scene typical of the film’s jauntily comic tone, some hooded whites freely spouting racial slurs gather for a lynching but are reduced to bickering over their hoods and whether they should take them off. The hoods’ eyeholes are in awkward places and many can’t see through them.
Nothing in Mr. Moore’s feed made it explicit what he was referring to, but earlier Wednesday, Justice Scalia had said provisions of the Voting Rights Act might result in a “perpetuation of racial entitlement.”