The Washington Times - January 22, 2013, 06:53PM

Although he’s behaving as if he wants to run for president, Vice President Joseph R. Biden said Tuesday he doesn’t know what he’ll do in 2016.

“I haven’t made that decision,” Mr. Biden said on CNN. “And I don’t have to make that decision for a while.”


Among the causes for speculation about 2016, Mr. Biden invited officials from New Hampshire and South Carolina, two early primary states, to his official swearing-in on Sunday. At an inaugural event on Saturday, he misspoke and said he was “proud to be president of the United States.” He will turn 74 in November 2016.

Outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is another top Democrat who hasn’t revealed her intentions yet for 2016.

Mr. Biden told Gloria Borger of CNN that the Obama administration’s performance over the next four years will help to determine the outcome of the race in 2016.