The Washington Times - January 29, 2013, 09:23AM

President Obama on Tuesday directed the U.S. to spend an additional $155 million to aid Syrian refugees fleeing the civil war in that country.

“This new aid will mean more warm clothing for children and medicine for the elderly; flour and wheat for your families and blankets, boots and stoves for those huddled in damaged buildings,” Mr. Obama said. “It will mean health care for victims of sexual violence and field hospitals for the wounded.”


The aid brings the total U.S. spending on Syrian humanitarian assistance to $365 million since the war began.

The United Nations said Tuesday that 700,000 Syrian refugees have fled to other countries, and aid workers are struggling to keep up with their care. About 200,000 refugees have left Syria just in the past seven weeks.

Turkey has about 161,000 Syrian refugees in 15 camps. Jordan has 171,033 registered Syrian refugees; Lebanon has 158,973, with tens of thousands more awaiting processing.