The Washington Times - July 5, 2013, 10:53AM

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley predicted Friday that he will be able to support the immigration bill that comes out of the GOP-controlled House because it will do more to secure the border than the proposal that passed out of the Senate last week.

Speaking on 1040 WHO radio in Iowa, Mr. Grassley said that he opposed the bill that passed out of the Democrat-controlled Senate because it “didn’t secure the border first.”


“I think the House of Representatives is more for border security than the Senate is, and I think we will get a bill out of the House that I think I can vote for — particularly if it does secure the border,” the Iowa lawmaker said.

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Immigration Reform

The Senate passed a sweeping immigration proposal out of the chamber on a 68-32 vote, with 14 Republicans joining all 54 of the lawmakers in the Democratic caucus in support of the bill.

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Immigration Reform

The measure offers quick legal status to illegal immigrants, but withholds full citizenship rights until some other conditions are met.

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Immigration Reform