The Washington Times - March 12, 2013, 04:44PM

Senate Democrats generally were tight lipped about the specifics of their lunchtime meeting with President Obama at the Capitol on Tuesday, preferring instead to describe the conversation as “optimistic” or “upbeat,” or to simply tick off a list of general topics discussed.

Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan joked the “food is always better” when the president visits. Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa said Mr. Obama’s visit — coupled with his dinner last week with a group of Capitol Hill Republicans — reinforces the president’s desire for the parties to work together.


But it was Sen. Max Baucus of Montana who provided perhaps the best example of glibly avoiding reporters’ queries about what was said in the hour-plus private meeting.

Reporter: Why was the meeting with the president necessary?

Mr. Baucus: “It’s always good to talk.”

Reporter: But he doesn’t come up here very often?

Mr. Baucus: “Better late than never.”

Reporter: What was the president’s message?

Mr. Baucus: “Work together, teamwork, history’s on our side — all that kind of thing.”

The Montana Democrat then jumped on an elevator and avoided further grilling by the media.