The Washington Times - March 28, 2013, 02:14PM

The White House plans to submit its federal budget to Congress April 10, more than two months past the deadline, making it the tardiest spending plan of the Obama presidency.

Federal law requires the White House to submit a budget blueprint the first Monday in February, but there’s no penalty for missing the deadline, as Mr. Obama has four out of five years.


This year, the budget is 63 days late, a record unmatched by any president. President Reagan in 1988 submitted a spending plan that was 45 days late. White House officials have said one reason for the delay was uncertainty about the current fiscal year spending in light of the battles over the “fiscal cliff” and the sequester in recent months

The April 10 budget delivery will coincide with a dinner that night Mr. Obama plans to have with Senate Republicans, though White House spokesman Joshua Earnest said Thursday the timing was just a “happy confluence of events.”

The latest dinner is part of Mr. Obama’s effort to reach out to Republicans, which he began last month in an attempt to break through Washington’s partisan gridlock.

“This is an opportunity for them to put aside the posturing … to actually have a private conversation about their priorities can be useful to finding common ground moving forward,” he said.

On March 6, the president broke bread with 12 GOP senators at the tony Jefferson Hotel and paid the tab himself.

Afterward, Republican senators who attended applauded the outreach effort and called it a good exchange of ideas, but neither side said any real budget compromise was brokered.