The Washington Times - March 6, 2013, 10:54AM

A Republican congressman and medical doctor on Wednesday called on conservatives to fight President Obama’s health care law at every turn during budget talks in the coming weeks.

Texas Rep. Michael Burgess said the GOP-controlled House is trying to put together a spending plan to keep the federal government open, protect pay for soldiers and maintain other priorities, yet the Affordable Care Act has “not been damaged in this exchange.”


Republican opponents of “Obamacare” will get “multiple opportunities to fight that fight,” Dr. Burgess said, starting with the spending bill to prevent a government shutdown later this month.

Mr. Obama’s law is marching toward implementation in 2014, after the Supreme Court upheld it as constitutional last June and the president secured a second term. Republicans may have tempered calls to repeal the contentious health care law — Mr. Obama’s signature first-term achievement — but they are still looking at ways to chip away at the reforms.

Dr. Burgess said that the Obama administration “hid the ball” on implementation of the law ahead of the presidential election, arguing recently-issued regulations on health care market places, or “exchanges,” and the expansion of Medicaid “make it unclear how this thing is supposed to start on October 1.”

“I ask conservatives to join me in that fight as we go forward,” he said.